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***Product Review***

I was given the chance to take part in a product review for Saal Digital (part payment was offered with a £40 voucher) and here is my review of their service and product

Having received my photobook from @SaalDigital, the photobook I ordered was a 28 x 19, with matte pages and full spread across the pages.

The process to create the photobook was relatively simple, software to create the book is provided to you for free and is easily used.

They have a wide range of products available, I decided on a matte, unpadded 28 x 19 - with 26 pages. Having completed the photobook online the service provided was brilliant with confirmation emails and a system to track its progress was a nice touch. Having placed the order, the confirmation email came through in a matter of minutes.

The delivery of the photobook was super quick and easy - arrived undamaged.

First impressions, after unpacking I was impressed with the quality of the photobook! On first opening I was very pleased with look of the cover, the detail and quality of the printing was top notch, after the first look through the photobook, originally I wasn't expecting much in terms of quality but oh wrong I was! The quality was great and with the edge to edge printing was flawless and when laid flat no sign of problems.

Overall Summary

The whole process was faultless from designing to ordering to delivery, the product is of a high quality with excellent colour reproduction. As someone who doesnt normally print their photos in photobooks this gave a small glimpse into what can be possible with them!

If you were to get a photobook from Saal Digital services, would i recommend them and their service?? In simple terms... Yes!

You can find them at this site:

You can find the photos used in the photobook on my website:

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